25 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao Vs. Brandon Rios-1 to 12 rounds full fight 11/24/2013

  1. counterstriving

    The corner camera is over-used in televised boxing. It often makes it
    harder to evaluate what’s happening, like when you’re seeing a close-up of
    one fighter’s back, or when the ref is in the way, etc… 

  2. MrSnapy1

    Rio’s just got out boxed Manny’s head/ring movement gives him a deceptive
    defense.That and he is constantly turning away from his opponents
    power.What surprised Rio’s was Manny’s speed.Good fight for Paccy he was
    patient and consistent.Which IMO is where he is at his best letting the
    fight come to him.
    Manny scored some wicked counters in this fight something he should do more
    Pushing Manny to be aggressive is not really needed lol.Holding him back
    often nets better results something Roach learned in Marquez fight.

    To Rio’s credit he took some heavy shots and while futile I liked that he
    switched styles at the end.A bad style to switch to “Prince Nassem” but
    when your game plan is failing you need to try something else.Seriously
    more need to try stuff like this.Its sad seeing fighters get beat badly
    using the same failing tactics vs Floyd or Manny you will suffer
    greatly.Both change styles depending on what they see and few adapt to
    counter it.

    Boxing is not what it used to be so many one dimensional fighters now
    trainers as well.Atm experience is dominating boxing by older wiser and
    still gifted fighters that can adapt and shows different styles.This fight
    is a perfect example of this.

    Solid return for Pac-Man! when we loose the few good vets we have in boxing
    it will be less of a sport imo.Young boxers should enjoy money less and put
    in more work lol.

  3. 2121luv1

    This was a joke to see glad it wasn’t pay per view and stop with the Floyd
    vs Manny cuz he ain’t got shit for Floyd this fight proved it Manny ain’t
    the same as he was

  4. Solowizard

    Their talking about Mayweather vs Pacquiao again. I can tell you one thing.
    WHEN that fight finally happens, it won’t be in Macow China, or any Asian
    country. Floyd Mayweather may often play the Bad Guy to get more butts in
    the seats, but he never ever played the Fool.

  5. yashua ghandi

    rios is the worst boxer i’ve ever seen in my life. before the fight he was
    advertised as a human punching bag, but even a punching bag has better
    defense than him. no head movement, no footwork, no feints, no variations,
    just goes into a shell and walks in a straight line absorbing punishment
    and smiling, pacquiao picked the easiest fight possible to get his
    confidence back after the marquez KO. i dont get the hype behind a
    manny-floyd fight, on paper its big money, but in actuality i dont see
    nothing pacquiao does that can bother floyd.

  6. Norberto Manuel

    Jessica you nailed it. So proud to be Filipinoy. Manny give boxing world an
    entertainment that a boxing fans would want to see. Mayweather rides to
    mannys greatness. 

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