Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios [FULL VIDEO]: 1 to 12 ROUNDS – November 24, 2013

Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios [FULL VIDEO]: 1 to 12 ROUNDS – November 24, 2013


25 thoughts on “Manny Pacquiao vs Brandon Rios [FULL VIDEO]: 1 to 12 ROUNDS – November 24, 2013

  1. Chris Ferrero

    Pacquiao could’ve knocked this fool out so many times but he chose not to,
    his compassion got in the way. He even told Roach after the fight there was
    no point trying to hurt Rios even more in the latter rounds. He knows he’s
    got a family to support and he didn’t wanna do another Ricky Hatton on him
    and end his career.

  2. Mark Navarro

    Why are some people saying Pac couldn’t knock out Rios on this? Look at the
    size difference! It’s like a grown man fighting a 5 year old. I’ll tell you
    what Pac the 5 year old sure outclassed and beat up Rios the grown man.

    And why are people even defending Rios on this. He lost very bad to an
    older guy. Out classed his ass was kicked to space people! He fucking made
    him cry. HE LOST FUCKING BAD! End of fucking story!

    If you defend him losing your mom raised you as a smart person with down

  3. Dwight Anderson

    Pacquiao can knock this kid any day he wants, but chose not to. After all,
    a bullet to the head is too easy. Instead, Pacquiao made the poor kid
    suffer and savored every moment till round 12. 

  4. elyusai1

    Rios said it was a slip in the first round. Obviously not. It’s a
    knockdown. Garcia is coaching Rios how to dodge. I don’t think that would
    be effective even if Garcia’s the 1 fighting in the ring on Rios’ part.
    Rios had many cheap shots on Pac when they clinch, the referee should
    deduct his scores. Rios’ camp is waiting for that lucky punch that happened
    to Marquez that’s why they didn’t want to stop the fight even if Rios’ face
    was hardly beaten up, just like what they did to Margarito.

  5. Paulo Isidro

    I feel a bit pity for bambam, because his enemy is the whole crowd and the
    world. Got no cheer for him. But, its obvious that pacman ate him alive. ;)

  6. Flor Bachiller

    Thanks to Manny for posting this video, your generosity is well known.Hope
    you can solve your tax problem soon, pls dont give up to our corrupt system
    in our govt.GOD BLESS YOU MORE with strenght and power.GOOD LUCK to your
    next fight and please retire soon protect your health for the sake of your
    children and family!

  7. strav12

    Like Mayweather-Guerrero, this was no real fight but just a prep for Manny
    to get back to Marquez and (hopefully) Mayweather. Floyd’s opponents are so
    inferior that it’s boring to watch him. At least Manny sparkles even though
    this is just sparring with Rios.

    As for knock out – Manny’s style isn’t to knock out (though he did get
    Marquez on the floor) – he prefers to break noses (Marquez), cut up eyes
    (de la Hoya) and smack up opponents with high work rate and fast hand speed.

    That’s why Floyd has been ducking him for years – he’s the only real threat
    out there and Floyd’s using money to hide behind. Would certainly be a far
    more well balanced match. This stuff doesn’t really count as a fight – it’s
    just a stage show.

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