Walmart: American Eagle 150 Round Boxes 5.56 (XM855)

Walmart: American Eagle 150 Round Boxes 5.56 (XM855)

I was able to pick up today at Walmart 2 boxes of American Eagle 5.56 150 round boxes. They are green tip 62 grain FMJ ammo. XM855 Lake City Ammunition.

25 thoughts on “Walmart: American Eagle 150 Round Boxes 5.56 (XM855)

  1. JesseLJohnson

    I bought one today stopped by 2 Walmarts and Dicks they had at least 10 of
    these and they had a bunch of 120 round boxes of m193 but it was only $7
    cheaper. I even got some CCI Mini Mags and some boxes of American Eagle .22.

  2. Luis Aguilar

    these new vids of these new bulk packs everyone shows 69.97 per 150 bulk
    box..but mine was so much less..i go back and buy ore to find it to your
    price..wonder if my first time buy of this was a one time fluke…

  3. Michael C Holley

    I went to my local WalMart today 10/19/2013. Got there at 6am. What do I
    see….AMMO! 150round value pack of American Eagle 5.56 62gr green tip, two
    shelves full of this for $69.97 a box, so I got one. Blazer Brass 9mm about
    20 boxes, don’t really need it but at $13.50 a box why not and the kicker
    is they had CCI 22lr 100 round boxes, 7 boxes left. I passed as I have my
    22lr par level now.

  4. nachtjager77

    Excellent score, I just found one box of this left at my local Wally World
    yesterday and bought it. It is indeed Lake City M855 military ammo with
    2013 head stamps. I was amazed! I suppose they’ve actually over-produced
    this stuff and are selling off the excess this way so they can save on
    packaging and sorting costs. Hoping they get more soon! Never thought I’d
    see the day that Wal-Mart sold this stuff!

  5. dawgstar01

    Hey , great vid. Sounds like a great by but I would be cautious because
    remember we just come out of the ammo shortage that is the second ammo
    shortage since the Obama administration began and remember in the first
    ammo shortage I personally got a lot of crappy garbage ammo because the
    ammo companies were running 24 7 trying to keep up and through quality
    control out the window. So guys, I would recommend letting someone else by
    this first new batch of ammo that just came out from the company’s

  6. ViewVideoNow

    I picked a couple of these 5.56 “mini cans” up this morning, however
    wallmart had them marked as 60.97 on the shelf.. they rang up as 69.97 –
    but when i mentioned it to them about the price being marked differently
    they gave me the $18 off! They also had some of everything in stock..
    including .22 LR CCI MiniMag, UMC bulk packs, winchester white box bulk
    packs.. it was like christmas!

  7. usoohot

    Yea there was a shitload of these at my wally world too…i only picked up
    2 boxes also. Thats $140 b4 taxes. Im surprised my ammo in CT is the same
    price as yours.

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